190506 iKON Fanmeeting 2019 in Saitama, Japan (Day 2)

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Trans by Ggumiseul

Q: is there a member you envy?
bobby: yunhyeong’s..
yunhyeong: face! face!
bobby: no, not at all, no (rejecting him for 3x straight) 🀦🏻‍♀️🀣

junhoe: we will be preparing for a new album after we back to korea.

Trans by Mindyourownbznz

[Team name]
Team A (Jinan, June, Dong, Chanu): "Dong-chan Just Went to Pee" Team
Team B (BI, Yun, Bobby): "A man's Burning Spirit" Team
June: Did you guys want to see us?
iKONIC: We wanted to see you!
June: I wanted to see u guys too. It's not an exaggeration to say that I wanted to see you guys!
[The member you envy]
Yun: I envy Jinan-san
June: You always say Jinan-san, Jinan-san
Jinan: He's (June) being envious now lol
Yun: Ok then, (I envy) June!
Jinan: I envy June~ ♡
June: Always always... lol
[Impressions of today's event]
BI: Life is all about equivalent exchange. These are the words of a man who lived with all his might.
Jinan: You meant to say 'today was fun' right?

((BI was possibly quoting an anime, Fullmetal Alchemist))

[Batsu game, victim: June]
BI: You.. You're always... SO HORRIBLY NOISY!
Jinan: June... u like me, don't u?
June: Since it's work (for the job), yes.
Jinan: You have awful drinking habits! If u like me, then please don't get angry when you drink! Be kinder ♡
[Batsu game: June]
Chanu: This is Yun speaking. Your mouth reeks of alcohol. Pls be careful!
Yun: Your feet stink!!!
June: Pls don't lie! I always shower everyday!
Yun: Your feet stiiink!!! LMAO
Dong: June-san... Do u want to know smth real?
[Batsu game: June]
Dong: Everyone, u want to know smth real don't u?
June: NOOO!!!
Dong: Tell me u love me in a cute way
June: U're seriously dangerous
Dong: Something real?
June: I love you!! ♡
Yun: I want to see June's sexy dance!!!

[Opening Introduction]
June: I'm the unpopular June.

June & Jinan went to eat, and while eating they asked 2 female employees at the restaurant about the type they like between June & Jinan. Both employees picked Jinan.

June: I'm never trying that again.
Bobby-Dong went to Round One.
Dong: We played basketball until 11.00 p.m. or so.

June: We were out until 12.00 p.m.

(June cut in as if they were in a competition / rivals)

June: Since today we're shooting for the DVD, I was told they were going to cut every part off if I sang Ora Tokyo sa igu da...
((Yoshi Ikuzo's song, the one with the 'There's no TV! No radio either!' lyric))

MC: What did u eat yesterday?
Chanu: I ate all by myself... at the combini (convenience store)... at the hotel...
iKONICs: Eeeeeh...
BI: But life is (to live alone) by yourself, though...?

[Today the consecutive holidays are over. Please say something to encourage those going back to work]
Yun: When work gets tough... please watch my Youtube (channel) ✨
June: No advertisement! No advertisement! No advertisement!!!

[The member you envy]
Bobby: Yunhyeong
Reason: Yunhyeong has many hobbies. He also likes himself.

June suddenly cut in: I think Yunhyeong's level of happiness is so high. So I pick Yunhyeong too.

[The member you envy]
Jinan: Hanbin.
Reason: He's truly a rich guy (Jinan joked). BI also had something he really liked which was anime and Jinan envied that.
June: I have around 100 photos of BI in my smartphone.
BI: *shocked*
June: When he's watching anime he won't notice even if u take a photo of him at a super close distance.
[What's your favorite from your mom's cooking?]
June: Home cooking/food (miso soup, rice, fish...)
Dong: Cold noodles
June: But there are many types of cold noodles, though? Bibimyeon, cold noodles with soup...
Yesterday Jinan-June went to eat shabu shabu and they asked the employees to pick their type out of the 2 of them
June: If there were only the 2 of us left in this world, which would u pick? And they picked Jinan. I'm the unpopular guy.

Bobby: Yesterday I went with staff and Donghyuk to play basketball at Round One.
June: You two are so close. You go out to eat and do a lot of stuff together. You're really really close...

((OP: Is he jealous?))

What Yunhyeong did yesterday
Yun: I went to eat beef cutlets! That's it.
June: That's it?
Yun: That's it.

[What's your favorite from your mom's cooking?]
Chanu: I love my mom so I like everything she cooks
Yunhyeong made fun of Chanu a bit and June shouted (at Yun), "Chanu was being serious! Mean! You're mean! Apologize!!"
BI: Be silent...?
June: NO!
Dong-chan: So noisy
June: NO!

[Batsu game: June]
BI: Every single day you're so noisy...
Chanu: Your mouth reeks (of alcohol)
Yun: Your feet stiiiiiiinnnkkkk πŸ’’πŸ’’
June: I take a shower everyday!!!
[Batsu game: June]
Dong: (Facing the audience) Do u guys want to know the truth?
June: YOU SHUT UP!! This guy won't be able to control what he says!!
BI: (To June) This is a batsu game, y'know? Can you be quiet?

[The talk at the end of batsu game]
Jinan: Please stop bringing up that his feet stink
Yun: But it's the truth!
June: My feet did stink when I was a trainee
Dong: That goes for everybody
Hanbin tried smelling June's shoe, afterward, he threw it away violently ((it probably stank really bad))


Jinan: It's Yunhyeong's turn but he's going to say the same topic anyway
June: He always talks about the same thing!
Yunhyeong: YOU STINK!!!

BI: This has been the story of the man who kept battling against fate
Jinan: ... You're saying today was fun, right?
BI: πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Jinan: Was I mistaken?

Part 2

Trans by : Mindyourownbznz

June: It's not an exaggeration to say that I wanted to meet you guys so so much I feel like dying!

[On the screen was shown BI's face]

iKONICs: *bustling, making noises*
BI: Why are you laughing..?
June: How awesome.. You can make them laugh just by having your face shown on screen, I envy you...

[A present u give ur Mom on Mother's Day]
Yun: A letter I wrote myself
Jinan: A bag
June: A bouquet of flowers, homemade food, a smile
Bobby: Cash money(?) and a hug
Dong: I went out with her to eat together
Chanu: Homemade cooking
BI: A man's burning spirit

[Which kind of hug, from the front or a back hug?]

Yun: This question is dangerous!
BI: What's so dangerous about it..
June: Yunhyeong-san's weird, what's so dangerous (about the Q)? It's because u've been watching suspicious stuff lately!

[Hug from the front / back hug]
Chanu (back hug) -> June
June (back hug) -> Bobby
Bobby (front hug) -> Jinan
June: Jinan u look kind of like u're really feeling it (the hug)

Jinan (front) -> BI
Jinan: Can I enjoy/feel it?

BI (front) -> Yun
Yun (front) -> Dong

[Whay are u grateful about being iKON]

June: I can't (don't know how to?) buy a movie ticket alone. I can't buy plane ticket alone. That's why I can't travel to other countries alone. But our manager takes care of all that. That's why I'm grateful to be an iKON member!

Trans by Hinazashi

What's made you happy since joining iKON?

Bobby: Being friends with these guys. If I were in a different group, we wouldn't be friends.
Jinhwan: No, we could still be friends...
Bobby: No I mean, members! We wouldn't... these members... (gives up)

Jinhwan: (knowing smile)
Yunhyeong: My family's gotten bigger. You guys are my family.
Jinhwan teased him but then said he thinks of iKON as family too.

Chanwoo started talking about how kind the members are while staring at Hanbin and laughing, and Hanbin leapt to his feet and was like "Why are you laughing?!" but Chanwoo started laughing so hard he couldn't talk.
Chanwoo: Getting the members of iKON as a present.

June: I can't buy movie tickets on my own. I can't travel on my own. I can't reserve plane tickets on my own. I don't know how. But my manager does all of that for me. So that's why I'm happy I'm in iKON.
June: But I'm gonna learn how to do all that stuff! One by one, y'know lolol
Hanbin: Being one of those iKON members who's seen as family and as a present. ☺️

Badmouthing time (Yunhyeong)

Bobby: Hey you!
Yunhyeong: Yeah Bobby?
Bobby: You're passionate!
Yunhyeong: Yeah I am!!
Bobby: You're the most passionate member of iKON! But... you aren't funny!!! Try harder!!!
Yunhyeong: (dying of laughter)

Badmouthing time (Yunhyeong)

Jinhwan: I'm iKON's manager.
Yunhyeong: Hi Jinhwan.
Jinhwan: No I'm the manager!!! Be nice to me! Stop making me eat so much [of your cooking]!! I'm getting fat!!

Badmouthing time (Yunhyeong)

June: So you don't really like drinking right?
Yunhyeong: Yeah...
June: But when you do get drunk, stop spitting in the dorm!!
Yunhyeong: WAIT
June: The dorm isn't outside!! You're an awful drunk!!

Badmouthing time (Yunhyeong)

Chanwoo: Are you jealous of me...? Are you jealous of my YT channel?
Chanwoo: I have 420k subscribers, you have 140k...
Yunhyeong: That's cuz I only just started!!!
Chanwoo: Jealous?
Yunhyeong: ....yeah. Everyone please subscribe to Songchelin Guide!

Badmouthing time (Yunhyeong)

Hanbin: You're a pervert!
Yunhyeong: And you're an otaku!

At the end of the show

Bobby: Yunhyeong, even though we said all that stuff, you were like the main character for today! So it ended up being good. You're like Naruto!
June: (being noisy in the background)
Bobby: And you're Orochimaru.

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