190518 June Posted a Poem : A Bad Beginning for A Good Ending

좋은 끝자락을 위한 나쁜 첫락

원하는 것 앞에선 뭐 어찌하겠습니까.
원하는 사람앞에서 그러하듯, 원하는 길 역시 그렇지 않겠슘니까

애가 타고 또다고 타는 길의 첫사각에 저는 누구입니까
애가 타고 타는 길의 끝자락에 저는 누구 입니까
이곳은 맞지 앉으며 뉜하는 길은 가깝지민 어렵습니다

그저우리의 숨쉼은 두번 읽을 수 없는 책마 같기에
가야 하는 길보단 가고 싶은 길에 집착 하겠습니다

혼란의 태품속 나그네가 입은 실오라기 같은 옷속엔
날선 칼, 다른 이름으론 나그네의 마음이 있습니다
묵묵히 가야하는 길을 꾸역꾸역 나아가다보면
어디 그태풍에 실오라기같은 옷이야 다 날아가고
비로소 그 무기이자 마음, 드러나지 않겠습니까

태풍에 정차 나그네 옷은 모두 벗겨져
그 무기이자 마음, 사람들이 알아주기 전까지
꾸역꾸역 타풍을 감내하며 나아갈 뿐입니다

그마음,그저 막연한 마음으로 그치지 않기 위해
은밀한땀방풍 간이 지독히 번져있습니다
은밀한 땅뺨을 만이 그 막연한 마음, 무기로 만들어 줍니다

그저 가고 싶은 길에 오르기위해 가야하는 길에

A bad beginning for a good ending
Trans : 1ove_Scenario

In front of what I want, what can I do
Like I am in front of someone I want, isn't
the path we want the same

At the beginning of my burning and
burning and, again, burning anxiety who
am l
At the end of my burning and burning and,
again, burning anxiety who am
This place isn't right and the path I want is
close, but it's hard
Our breath is just like a book that cannot
be read twice
So I will obsess over the path I want to go
rather than one l should go

Within the thread-like garments of a
wayfaring man in a turbulent storm
A double edged sword, there is the
wayfaring man's heart with another name
Silently if you keep pushing and pushing
on the path you must go
The thread-like garments will fly away
with the storm
Then the weapon, the heart, will show
Due to the storm the wayfaring man's
clothes are stripped
The weapon, the heart, before people
understand it
he pushes and pushes while tolerating the
That heart, just with a vague heart, so one
won't stop
There are only severely spread secret
sweat drops
Only the secret sweat drops make that
vague heart into a weapon
In order to go the way I want to go, I get
on the road I must go

A Bad Start for a Good End
tr: @k8indaeyo
What should I do in front of something I want.
Just like how it is while in front of someone I want,
isn't it the same for the path that I want?
Who am I standing at the start of the path of
being agonized again and again.
Who am I standing at the end of the path of being
agonized again and again.
The place that I am does not fit me and the place
I long to be is near but it is hard.
Our breathing is just as same as a book you
cannot read twice,
so I will be obsessive to the path I want to go
rather than the path I should go
Inside of a typhoon of confusion, there is a stitch
of clothing that a traveler is wearing and inside
that, there is a knife which is same to a traveler's
If you just quietly keep on going of the unwilling
path, that stitch of clothing will be blown away by
the typhoon and finally reveal the heart.
The traveler's clothes will be gradually taken off
by the typhoon, as well as the weapon also the
so he will just keep on going through the typhoon
until people recognize him.
That heart, to stop it from just becoming hazy,
only a hidden sweat is spread.
Only a hidden sweat will make that hazy heart
into a weapon.
I am just getting on to the path that I must go to
get on the path that I want to go.

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1 Response to "190518 June Posted a Poem : A Bad Beginning for A Good Ending"

  1. The path that you need to take in order to go to the road that you want to go, even if you feel that this is not for you you are not fit in. Feelings and confusion. I feel you juneya...


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