2019 iKON KEMiSTRY Private Stage

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2019 iKON KEMiSTRY Private Stage [PHOTOS]
[VIDEOS] 2019 iKON KEMiSTRY Private Stage

[withikonic ig]

Long time no see!! It was really been long right our meeting? It was a happy moment of checking on iKON and iKONIC’s strong KEMiSTRY💞Be careful on your way back home and see you again! p.s we love you 3000💗 fanmeeting and concert thingy😘
(Trans : @syh_bae)

Twitter iKON:
#iKONSHOWTIME #iKON and #iKONIC ‘s spectacular Saturday🙌 It was precious stage and time that you've created today 💝 Thank you to all iKONIC for coming 🙏 KONIC’s way back home⁉️ make it exciting and energetic! #KEMiSTRYwithiKONIC
(Trans by @syh_bae)

KEMiSTRY with iKON Setlist:
1. Rhythm Ta
2. Freedom
3. Best Friend
4. Hanbin Donghyuk Dance Stage To My Bed, Can U Handle It, Pure Water
5. Yunhyeong Chanwoo, C-Don't Forget Y-Perfect Y+C-Jerk
6. Jinhwan June If I Ain't Got You
7. Bobby Donghyuk Fireworks SURF!!!
8. Just For You

Hanbyul and her Mum

Trans By @Bigseunghyun

JH: Do we have spoilers?

BI: Spoilers? I guess if you could call it that… Well, within the near future, when the sun is shining bright.. VERY SOON, we will be greeting you guys with something new.
BI: We had one concert in 2018 and one this year and... we would like to do something different very soon. It's nothing confirmed and we're unsure what exactly will happen, but... we are trying hard to bring something to you guys very soon.bbb

Trans and Reports by @SYH_Bae

: Hello. I am someone who is now a youtuber, iKON Yunhyeong
Chanwoo: Hi everyone. I am already a youtuber (implicate he is a youtuber even before yunhyeong), iKON Chanwoo.

iKON is now asking Yunhyeong to show his “like and subscribe” thingy

Yunhyeong said he saw Chanwoo did it and he feels so embarrassed how to do it

Junhoe keeps pressuring Yunhyeong to do “like and subscribe” to his channel then
Yunhyeong: It is my channel let I do what I want to do!!! Did you even subscribe to my ch????!

Yunhyeong did “like and subscribe” then Bobby and Hanbin said
: add “please”.. you need to ask for them to like and subscribe. Make it polite

Yunhyeong: Who is Chanwoo thinks he has the best chemistry
Junhoe: Donghyuk
Chanwoo: Donghyuk yes. Also Junhoe
iKON: Junhoe???

Bobby chose red color
Jinhwan: *before pick it* I just need to avoid Bobby’s team
Jinhwan picked red
Junhoe: As expected their chemistry

Yunhyeong and Junhoe’s team name is “iKON’s visual is us” short form Ai-V

Triple Kim team name is so long but something means handsome handsome and not so handsome then bobby said I have my own charms hahaha then Jinhwan said we are kidding luls

The penalty for losing team is to hold hand and give compliments to eah other

This game is too re-act scene from movie/drama and this is the same scene for their beautiful mv of yunhyeong junhoe part

Donghyuk Chanwoo team name is crushing JinJiHan (jinhwan jiwon hanbin) lol they don’t even care about the visuals

Yunhyeong Junhoe failed to re-act the scene so now they carrying the penalty to hold hand and give compliments

Yunhyeong: Everytime I went downstairs I see your sexy appearance if I am a girl I might fall in love(?) with you lol
Junhoe: At backsage earlier I watched your video wow you made the jjajangmyeon so well. Next time too make it well okay

iKON: Is this compliments??

Donghyuk Chanwoo will react scene from DOTS

Hanbin: Did your team name “killing jinjihan”?
Donghyuk: We are not murderer hahaha it is “crushing jinjihan”

Donghyuk Chanwoo failed to re-act
Hanbin: Chanwoo you’re an actor!
Chanwoo: I can’t do this

Chanwoo: Donghyuk you’re always bright.. You are the definition of happiness. There is no one as cool as you. I love you
Donghyuk: Seriously you’re the best in the team
Chanwoo Donghyuk: Isn’t this touching
Hanbin: I dont think so though
Jinhwan: Hanbin couldn’t accept this mood

LMAO Bobby cant even read the script rightly then
Jinhwan: Why you cant korean??
Jinhwan: Bobby can’t even speak korean
Bobby *explains himself*: I am bad at reading (the script) lmao

Jinhwan: Bobby, you know why I hit you right. Because you’re so cute. So please understand me.
Bobby: Okay
Jinhwan: Hanbin, during recording you scold me sometimes. You cant do it at other place
Hanbin: It should be a compliment!

Hanbin to Bobby: I love you

Bobby to Jinhwan: I respect your height! Really

Hanbin asked yunhyeong junhoe to give compliments again to each other
Yunhyeong: I am always having fun doing anything together wih Junhoe
Junhoe: Being with Yunhyeong makes me feel close to my dad like having fun with my dad

Junhoe and Yunhyeong already went to different route than succeeded hhaha

Donghyuk Chanwoo practicing the hop before game start
Bobby: Don’t do it dont do it
Hanbin: Dont waste your energy

iKON need to do aegyo relay as punishment hhahha

Before chanwoo did an aegyo
Yunhyeong: We have high hope for Chanwoo he is our maknae

LMAO they put hanbin’s aegyo on repeat on screen and Hanbin asked them to delete the footage hahahahhaa

Even for the final pose Hanbin is busy putting his members at right position we love leader

They failed the final pose even when they have around 30sec left
Bobby: I am not doing this!!!!!
Hanbin: We dont think we can do this HAHAHHA

Hanbin the only one that still didnt take off his hair pin
Jinhwan: When will you take it off
Yunhyeong: Wow
Jinhwan: It’s okay because youre cute
Hanbin: That isnt the reason haha I forgot!

Hanbin said they will just take the penalty because they are tired already hahah

Yunhyeong said Chanwoo is the member he thinks has the best chemistry. Right when the first time he met chanwoo when Chanwoo enter the room during m&m he felt like he looked at his own real dongsaeng

Chanwoo: when he said we look alike I know he is a really kind hyung

*Donghyuk speaks english*
Hanbin: wow I thought we are in LA

Junhoe: Why you choose Perfect and Jerk?
Hanbin: There is Dont Forget too
Yunhyeong: What are you doing dont you know that????

Hanbin asked why yunchan choose to sing iKON songs and they said they wanted to challenge singing just the two of them songs that they sing all 7 members

Chanwoo: the difference between fanmeeting and concert is we can show you even many kind of charms of us. It feels good

Yunhyeong: To be up close like this with iKONIC really what I am happy about. I am blessed~

Donghyuk: There’s something prepare for you outside...
Donghyuk: Nivea prepared it for iKONIC
Junhoe: I thought Donghyuk was the one who prepared it.. they way he talk about it...

What is iKON and iKONIC in 10-20 years?
Yunhyeong: At that time we are no longer fans (and artists) if we can go till that moment aren’t we basically friends?

What you want to say to iKONIC
Yunhyeong: We want to show you our side often and a lot... seriously we are sorry that we couldnt do so. We are going to work hard to show you our better appearance.

Hanbin: I want to sing this song for so long already... the song that iKONIC love the most... old song..
iKON: What song?
Hanbin: From long time ago...
iKON: Aaahhhh

Hanbin: We might coming to you soon. When the sun shines brightly when the weather is hot. Also we said we want to do a concert in 2019 right. We want to do different kind of. Brand new concerts. (But still there is no confirmation yet)

Set 2
- Rythm Ta (remix)

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