iKON Japan Tour 2019 in Chiba : Marine Messe Fukuoka Day 1 | 190907

Trans by : Hinazashi ❤️, Ggumiseul

After duets
Bobby: See all the Konbats was so pretty. (the lights go down and the fans wave the Konbats) Ahh~ So pretty~ It's like a wave.
June?: It's like sakura.
Jinhwan: No, sakura is pink. But the sea is......
Fans: Blue?
Jinhwan: Blue. But this is red. So it's different.
June: (suddenly) Why even is iKON's color red??
iKON: ?!
?: You're asking this NOW?!
Jinhwan: You don't like it?
June: It's not that I don't like it...
Jinhwan: ...anyway

Yunhyeong?: Jinhwan, your face is cool today.
Jinhwan: I lost some weight.
June: (suddenly) You didn't diet, right? Were you struggling at all?!
Jinhwan: ?? I did a light diet...
June: Oh
Jinhwan: What do you want to say?
June: I just thought maybe it'd be hard for you...

After some hype songs
Jinhwan: (grabs June's shoulder) Just give me..... five seconds.......
Jinhwan: I'm not an old man!!! I'm 25.
June: You're 45?? Huh?
Jinhwan: 25!!!
June: 45? What?
Jinhwan: (annoyed)
June: No no tell me what did you say?
Jinhwan: I'm 25.
June: Ah 25

Jinhwan was trying to talk
June: Jinhwan. Jinhwan Jinhwan. What are iKONICS to you, GO!
Jinhwan: (flustered) Cold...water
Everyone: ???
Jinhwan: Because I really want to drink some right now. Is this a weird answer? I mean, I want it every day, and I need it to live. That's you!
June: "I want to drink cold water"--a very poetic expression. "I want to drink it"
Yunhyeong: But I like hot water!!
Jinhwan: Well it was a question for ME
Yunhyeong: (defeated)
Jinhwan: Okay now sensei give us a famous saying.
June: A famous saying?!
Jinhwan: Now
June: Now?!
June: (thinking, looking burdened)
Yunhyeong: Staff, please turn off his mic.
June: (finally) I LOVE YOU

Jinhwan: What have you been up to these days, Chanwoo?
Chanwoo: Exercising with Yunhyeong.
Yunhyeong: Lies!! Definitwey a lie!!!
June: Yunhyeong is so cute, "definitwey"
June: You know, whenever I tease Yunhyeong, he always goes "STOP MESSING AROUND" but then he secretly comes up to me later and is like "What did you say?" lolol

June: I realized yesterday I need to work harder. I went to Yoyogi Park and ran for an hour (and a half?) but no one recognized me. I need to work harder. I'll do my best!
Bobby: Yesterday I had nothing to do so I watched Yunhyeong's vlog? Youtube? It was so boring. You have to work hard too.
Jinhwan: Being a Youtuber is a lot of work.
Yunhyeong: I'll work hard!
June: Let's do our best!

Yunhyeong: I learned tameguchi [informal speech]. (turns to June) Stop using tameguchi with me!! I'm older than you!!
June: What about tameguchi?
Yunhyeong: Hm? You don't know what it means?
June: No, I do, I'm asking why you're bringing it up
Jinhwan: June, he's your senpai

bobby: i got bored last night so i watched yunhyeong’s latest cooking video, it was no fun!! you need to work harder.

jinhwan: bobby, we went to LA last time, you was cool & you’re very fluent in english.
bobby: *immediately went shy* nope~ when we got no schedule, i spent most of my time sleeping.
jh: ok
bb: *feeling proud* sleeping is good.

bobby: today’s concert hall it’s huge & it’s also indoor. everyone’s konbat gather together looks pretty~ and everyone let’s wave your konbat like the ocean waves~

bobby: its the weekend but you guys still came to see us.. i mean of course duh
everyone: ?? 
bb: i was joking~ it’s the wknd & ofc its the best time to spent your time sleeping but y’all came to see us~ tqsm, im serious!! thanks to yall, we had a beautiful memory, tq~

During the encore
Jinhwan: I wanna do one more song!!
Bobby: (jokingly wants to stop) GO HOME OLD MAN

They all came out wearing sunglasses during the encore. Apparently it was Jinhwan's idea. June was wearing one pair at first, and then when i was singing he pulled another pair out of his pocket but he found wearing them so funny he didn't sing and just laughed.
After they finished the song June made all the members wear his glasses.
Bobby: (about to put them on)
Jinhwan: These glasses are the perfect size for Bobby's eyes.
Bobby: OI!! OLD MAN!!!

Last greeting
Yunhyeong: We'll be iKON who will continue working hard without giving up. Thank you always.

Photos credit to masternim on watermark. Please visit masternim's SNS if you want to ask HD Photos

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