iKON Japan Tour 2019 in Chiba : Marine Messe Fukuoka Day 2 | 190908

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Last greeting
June: Jinhwan, what are iKONICs to you?
Jinhwan: iKONICs are... um... my shoes?
iKON: Shoes?? Why?
Bobby: No?? Sorry sorry
Jinhwan: I'm not small. I'm normal. But I'm not big either.
June: Anyway Jinhwan tell us the reason.
Jinhwan: The reason is that I'm small without my shoes. Shoes give me confidence. And you guys also give me confidence. You give me the confidence to keep living.

June: Even though we're filming the DVD today, I got up early, right, so I slept for two hours in the dressing room. So my face is bloated and my throat is in bad condition.

Last greeting
June: Even though there's only one song left, my throat is suddenly better.
Jinhwan: Your throat is suddenly better?
June: Yeah
Jinhwan: Even though there's only one song left?
June: Yeah
Jinhwan: ...well what do you want us to do now

Singing acapella
Donghyuk: Out of all the versions you guys do, the musical version is the best. But you! (turns to June) MUSICAL. Not opera.
June: Eh? But it is? (sings)
Donghyuk: That's OPERA
June: Really? What's the difference?
Jinhwan: Let's just do it, I'll teach you later.

June & Jinhwan tried singing the musical version but Jinhwan burst out laughing and couldn't do it.
iKON: ??? What happened??
Jinhwan: (recovers enough to speak) I suddenly got really embarrassed.
They tried again but failed again because they kept laughing. iKON was yelling at them, and Jinhwan told June he couldn't laugh. Finally the third time they succeeded, but you could tell they were still trying really hard not to laugh haha

furuya sensei came!!!!! ikon was so happy to see him haha. and he had a konbat ;;

Last greeting

Chanwoo: There are three important things in my heart. One, family. Two, iKON. Three...
June: Games
Chanwoo: No!! Three, iKONICs~
Everyone: Ohhh~~
June: Chanwoo is doing his best at his job.
Chanwoo: No I'm being serious!!!

Yunhyeong: I've been really free these days so I've just been living a hooby life.
June: ...hobby?
Yunhyeong: A hobby life. Exercising, studying Japanese...
June: What's a word you learned recently?
Yunhyeong: Tomadotta [confused] Do you know it?
June: Yeah, tomato. It's a fruit.
Yunhyeong: No, not tomato. Tomadotta.
June: What does it mean?
Yunhyeong: In Korean it's--
June: No explain it in Japanese!!
Yunhyeong: Whenever June talks, I'm tomadotta.
June: Oh I get it now
Yunhyeong: You didn't know it?
June: No, I didn't know what it meant
Yunhyeong: Haha!!
Jinhwan: Are you studying Japanese to beat June?
Yunhyeong: Yeah I'm gonna tease him back.
June: By all means!! Tease me all you want. Get better and tease me all the time.

Bobby and June both tried talking at the same time, but both of them wanted to say the same thing ("Let's hurry to the next song") but of course they made it weirdly awkward.

Bobby?: I wanted to say go on to the next song but Jinhwan was like (stop gesture)
Jinhwan: Just... five seconds...
Bobby: Old man
Jinhwan: I'm not an old man
Bobby: Tiny old man
Jinhwan: Don't SAY that!!!

Jinhwan: What have you been up to lately, Bobby?
Fans: (shrieking excitedly)
Jinhwan: Bobby you're so popular!
Bobby: (bows to everyone) Thank you so much, seriously. Thank you.
Jinhwan: So what have you been doing?
Bobby: They already know everything. It's all on SNS. Other than what you see me doing on SNS, I'm just sleeping.

June said he's been working hard at studying Japanese by watching a bunch of variety shows (all by comedians Downtown). He's also been listening to Yoshi Ikuzo's music to study. (The singer of the there's no TV song he was obsessed with.) He basically asked us to praise him lol

Bobby: What about you, Jinhwan? What have you been up to these days?
Jinhwan: Me? Well--
June: Highball!!!
Bobby: Sounds about right, let's go!
Jinhwan: Wait!! No!!
Jinhwan: Wait!!!
(next song starts)

About duets (not June's turn to speak)
June: I got something I wanna say. I think yesterday's performance was better.
Jinhwan: I thought you'd say that. 
June: Yeah, that two-hour nap is definitely the reason...
Jinhwan: Okay, but I'll ask you what you think later
June: So bad

Chanwoo: Doing the show yesterday, I realized the limits of my stamina. I'll work hard today.
Jinhwan: I don't quite get what you mean?
June: I don't get it at all.
Jinhwan: You realized your limits but you'll work hard?
Chanwoo: Yes. I'll start working out with Yunhyeong now.
Yunhyeong: Now?!
Chanwoo: Not now. Next year.
iKON: Next year?!
June: Why next year? There's still so much time left in this year.
Chanwoo: I'm busy now.
Yunhyeong: No you aren't!
Chanwoo: I'M busy

After everyone was complimenting Donghyuk
Bobby: I really like how iKON is always complimenting each other on stage. It's nice.
June?: It's cuz we're filming the DVD.
Bobby: I mean, I've never heard Jinhwan compliment Donghyuk this much.
Jinhwan: Yeah I just get mad at him lol
Jinhwan: But I've been jealous of Donghyuk recently!
Bobby: Be honest. HONEST. Are you being honest?
Jinhwan: I'm... not
iKON: (dies laughing)

June: I always get so sad during MCs because I never want to go to the next song. I just want to keep talking!
Jinhwan: You don't want to go to the next song?
June: It's such a waste! I want to keep talking for three hours!
Jinhwan: ...well
June: Jinhwan do you think I can do it?
Jinhwan: I think you can.
June: Me too. I mean, whenever we go drinking, I just talk for three hours straight. He's just there with his highball like "mhm, yeah, true." But, y'know, it works. I'm a talker, and he's a listener.
Jinhwan: Listening is one of the mathyung's jobs.
Jinhwan: But June always talks about the same stuff. It's always the same, so I already know what he's going to say...

After Jinhwan asked for 5 seconds of rest
Bobby: Your heart...
June: Is your heart okay? Seriously, you have a weak heart, is it okay? I think you should go in for a full medical exam.
Jinhwan: ...do you think you could maybe shut up for a bit?

During the encore while Bobby was singing, Jinhwan hugged him the whole time. After he finished singing, Jinhwan half-dragged, half-carried him partway down the hanamichi.

They sang Best Friend during the double encore, and during the chorus once Jinhwan and Chanwoo did the pair dance.

During the encore June tried to throw his towel into the audience but it barely made it off the stage lol. He looked so shocked, it was cute. So he asked the staff to bring it back to him, and they did, so he tied it up and threw it again. It made it into the crowd that time.

June: I found a new nickname for Yunhyeong. Exhibitionist.
Yunhyeong: ??
Jinhwan: (whispers what it means in Yunhyeong's ear)

Yunhyeong didn't take off his jacket before the first MC
June: Why didn't you take off your jacket?
Yunhyeong: We're filming for the DVD!
June: Okay then you should do something special and show up to your nipples.
Yunhyeong: YOU...
Jinhwan: Senpai, June, he's your senpai...

June: Yunhyeong, I want you to do something.
Yunhyeong: (suspicious)
June: Just trust me. The fans will say I love you, then you say okay and then ask them to marry you. Okay? Go down here. I'm the director.

June: Okay guys ready? 1, 2
Fans: I love you!
Yunhyeong: Right. Let's get married!
June: Amazing. The director is totally satisfied. I personally wanted to see that.

Photos credit to masternim on Watermark

[furuya-sensei's tweet trans]

I went to iKON's live just like I promised! I was touched 😭 I think each member came at this show with everything he had. I go to pretty much all their shows, but this one, where they used up all the power they had, was the best one πŸ‘ 

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