191022 iKON Japan Fanmeeting 2019 - Osaka

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He didn't sing during Hanbin's part in I'm OK so that Hanbin's voice could be heard.

During RHYTHM TA he shouted, "ALL THE WAY TO KOREA!" so that everyone shouted loud enough to reach Hanbin.

He kept repeating "Happy birthday!" in B-DAY in a way that ge never did before.

OP said Bobby told iKONICs to scream "all the way to Korea"
And she cried when Donghyuk said "Happy birthday" at the end.

After the last song, each member said "Happy birthday"

Bobby didn't sing Hanbin's part in KILLING ME so that Hanbin's voice could be heard,
He asked everyone to shout loudly until their voice could be heard in Korea (figuratively),
And he said "Happy birthday" in B-DAY.

Lots of things made the OP cry today.

Bob: My nephew and my bro arrived in Korea yesterday, so I'm looking foreward to meet them. I'm getting another tattoo with my bro!
June: Where are you gonna have the tat?
Bob: I haven't decided yet!
Jinan: Better to have it somewhere people can't see
June: Can Jinan enter a hot spring (with the risk of exposing your tats)?
Jinan: I can't. I can't get into a pool either. Sad, huh...

June: Honestly speaking, I'm a big pervert.
And then,
June: All parts of Yunhyeong-san are big

Photos credit to masternim on Watermarks

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