191030 Jinhwan + Yunhyeong V Live Couple : Halloween Live Broadcast

Trans by syh_bae

Jinhwan thought about doing cosplay of Toshio for halloween then Yunhyeong said that will match well with his body physique 
Jinhwan: I am working out like crazy nowadays. I am not the same Jinhwan that you all know. You will be surprise with my appearance later. 

Yunhyeong will be joker and Jinhwan kaonashi for their halloween party tonight

Yunhyeong said Jinhwan’s skin is too smooth it is so easy to paint on his face
Yunhyeong: When you do mine later please put concealer first

Yunhyeong said there’s not even a pimple on Jinhwan’s face

Yunhyeong: (while face painting) It must be hard for those who work as face painter
Jinhwan:Is there even a job that’s not hard?
YH: Hyung even drink alcohol is hard...
JH: Thats not a job! Stop talking about drinking! When my mom watch this she will say you always drink son

Yunhyeong: I thought hyung just sleep and drink (all the time)
Jinhwan: Do you think I am Junhoe?
Yunhyeong: Ah sorryy

Yunhyeong: I think hyung would look awesome as joker. Because your hair is quite long... I think I was cool when I had (long hair) perm before *giggles*

Yunhyeong: Fans will love you in this look. When will they have chance to see you as kaonashi..
Also Yunhyeong: *keep laughing*
Jinhwan: I think my mom will not enjoy this... ahhh stop laughing. Everyone who is watching please don’t screenshot this look!!!

Yunhyeong keeps trying to lead Jinhwan on how to do his makeup
Jinhwan: Okay I got it. Be quiet now. Please trust me. I am the artist here
Yunhyeong: I really cant bring myself to trust you

Lmao jinhwan and yunhyeong asked viewers to take a nap for a while because they are going to finish the makeup quietly just talking between them lol

Jinhwan: Wow your face looks so cool though. I think I am doing a good job
Yunhyeong: Really?
Jinhwan: Should I change my job?

Yunhyeong: Jinhwan hyung looks so cool in this look. Kaonashi face with this hairstyle. Somehow looks like naruto 

F: I think you will appear in my dream like this (as kaonashi)
Jinhwan: I am sorry. It looks scary right. It’s been long right since last we meet but I appear on live like this. I am sorry.

Also Jinhwan: Please dont screenshot this

Yunhyeong: Am I look good everyone? Personally I think I am looking fine right now

Lol jinhwan keeps saying don’t screenshot this but he is also the one who said ‘let’s give time for fans to screenshot us’

Yunhyeong: Thank you for staying with us for this Halloween special
Jinhwan: Next partner, Bobby and Junhoe will take part for this relay live so look forward for what they are going to do! 
That was it from Joker Yunhyeong and Kaonashi Jinhwan. 

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