HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM HANBIN (B.I) - October 22, 2019 | Fans Projects

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@Baidu_KimHanBin's weibo post expressing their preparation for Hanbin's birthday gifts.

When they sent a part of the gifts to the restaurant of Hanbin's uncle for the first time, they asked about how Hanbin is doing recently.

Hanbin's uncle replied that Hanbin's mental state becomes much better recently & he eats well and sleeps well. On that week, Hanbin even went to buldak131 to sign on all the fans' gifts and goods which was given before. & he asked his uncle to contact fans to return them back.

Hanbin's uncle asked us if we have anything to say to Hanbin. Our brains went blank for the moment, at last we only asked Uncle to tell Hanbin that "In China, there are many people loving him and waiting for him." and "Hanbin~ah~ must be happy! (wish you happiness)".

Last week after the music equipment was successfully sent, Hanbin's father also expressed the gratitude to Chinese fans through the equipment shop by (saying) "Thank you."

Cuz they haven't seen Hanbin for a long time, they purchased the clothes according to his previous style.

They started the projects since this summer to give Hanbin music equipment continuously. They were afraid that it might burden Hanbin but since music/writing songs is what Hanbin is passionate for, so they did a research very early for the equipment.

+They hope Hanbin can make music at ease.

There was supposed to be another project for the Lou Gehrig's disease which Hanbin has been donating for the last 3 years. But since the price of the music equipment is higher than what they expected so it's cancelled in the end.

And they decided to give Hanbin more professional and complete music producing equipment.

Hope through the gifts (music equipment), it can express C-Binics' concrete support and the love for his music.

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