191130 iKON Japan Fanmeeting 2019 : Sendai

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donghwan practicing for dance choreo, junhoe guitar practice, junbob wrote songs together, donghyuk is in the middle of recording of his self composed song. for year end party live 2019, there will be a duo performance.

Q: i seems to always do the same pose while taking pics. & asked iKON for suggestions.

& heres bobby’s pose 😆
bb: you need to be confident, sometimes you can lie to yourself too! just think that you’re the prettiest~ just think about it while taking pics! https://t.co/FUHT86ClEi

Q: what kind of person do you want to marry?

donghyuk: i want to marry to the best aka iKONICS.
jinhwan: but there’s so many iKONICS here.
dk: then lets talk seriously, i want to marry someone who i can talk & be with all day without feeling bored.

junhoe: yea, i want to marry someone who’s like a friend to me. (sweet) “goodnight, i love u~” this type of couple, they will break up in 1 month. (normal) “i love u.” this type, they will last for 2 months. (careless/dgaf) “fk, you’re so noisy today.” i think this is ok (will lasts long)

Jun: Soneone nice and easy to talk to... basically (like) Junhoe (myself)

Jun: Jinan-san what type would u like to get divorced to?
Jin: I'm not getting a divorce!
Jun: Ok then, how many times would u like to get married?
Jinan: I have iKONICs so I won't get married!
Yun: Promise, then! U said that so now make a promise!!

A couple who were troubled about how to propose

Jinan: We'll help you!
Jun: Why should I help them if I'm already jealous that he has a girlfriend (while I don't)??

bobby: we still have end year party.
& someone corrected him it’s “year end party”
bb: does that matter!! as long as we got to meet iKONICS, end year or year end it doesnt matter!! 

Q: I want to lose weight but I can't (seem to do it). What do u do to lose weight?

Yun: Dong-chan should answer this.
Dong: Which one of u asked this? Well, I exercise (to lose weight). But u look cute (the way u are now)!

The question was (I think) how do u determine your sense of fashion, and Donghyuk answered first. He looked at clothes a lot, bought a lot.

And then Bobby was like, "What about June?"

Jinhwan commented, "June has no sense of fashion."

Bobby: I like anime recently and I kind of dress like the characters. Not doing cosplay, no. Just the fashion. Lately I like Naruto.

Donghyuk(?) was teasing him as an otaku, Bobby was like, "I'm not an otaku/at an otaku level!!!"

iKON seems to have had a deep talk yesterday

Jinan: We were like old guys LOL
Bob: It was fun!
Jun: We had a really good talk, didn't we?

Yunhyeong seems to have a great time today
Jinan: Was today really great?
Yun: Today was really great
Jinan: What was great?
Yun: Everything

JU-NE: I composed the song with Bobby and recorded the song composed by DK♬
Jay: You guys talked too much today!!
JU-NE: Just bcs I like Sendai so that I’ll share both important & unimportant info with you iKONICs
Something greater is coming next year
JU-NE: Maybe you can see JAY&DK’s dance unit and I’ll play the guitar at the Year End Live〜
JAY: You talk too much😬

Photo credit to masternim on Watermark

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