191204 Junhoe + Bobby on Vlive

Trans by : syh_bae

Junbob said they didn’t have exact theme for their broadcast they just turn it on to talk with iKONIC because they just miss us

Junbob is doing their broadcast in their studio~~~

They are reading comments from Indonesia The Philippines etc Junhoe said if Jinhwan was here he will speak in tagalog already lol

Lol junbob reads comments from everywhere around the world. 
Junhoe: We are in Seoul. If you miss us, come here

Junhoe said something like they were filming for something but they can’t say what it is. A secret for now. Junhoe and Bobby also work on few/lots of music

Junhoe in the middle of his singing, “sing along everybody”

LOL he is doing it like concert and he said this is better than concert because even better close up with us.
Junhoe: So how was it?
Bobby: I heard they said it was good!

F: Junhoe using honorific (to Bobby) today it sounds awkward
Junhoe: I always use honorific to him
Bobby: Normally with Jinhwan you will just say “jinani!!”
Junhoe: Oh thats true with Jinhwan hyung

F: Please sing Lee Juck- Lie Lie Lie
Junhoe: Lie.. lie.. lie
Bobby: *ROFL*

Bobby: The weather is too cold lately. Be careful of the cold!
Junhoe: Take vitamin C! I heard it prevents from getting cold~

F: Sing a song together!
Junbob: Let’s sing Rumble Fish - Rain and You

Bobby said his new tattoo is matching tattoo with his brother. They asked their dad to do it too but he didn’t want because it’s too hurtful. Bobby said it was really painful it took around 3 hours to done

Bobby: Please dont misunderstand. It is 4PM right now. We aren’t drunk. We didn’t drink any
Junhoe: Yes really!

F: iKON World Tour please
Bobby: It is a ‘please’ for us too
Junhoe: Please~

Please do concert in Korea
Junhoe: Of course! When we comeback with new album we would like to do it!
Bobby: Of course

Bobby: Yunhyeong and Jinhwan hyung really worked hard in broadcasting for halloween. If Donghyuk and Chanwoo also come out strong we....
Junhoe: But we did great too
Junbob: Right we are working hard we did amazing right singing etc.

Trans by bynhyuk

Bobby: My manager had to come over and help teach me how to turn it on, what should we do?
Junhoe: Let's just talk, play music...we don't have anything specific planned but we just missed you

Junhoe: Junbob nation rise? What's that? "Nation rise?" what does that mean 

*he said nation rise in english

Jun: Fan said you look nice with your hair cut
Bobby: Ah thank you!!

They're in the recording studio right now!

Junhoe: We came from a recording so we have our makeup on. What recording we did is a secret!

Junhoe: Of course we've been making a lot of songs, we always make songs

Jun: Ah Philippines? We should ask Jinhwan hyung to come here and greet them all in Filipino

Fan: I failed my exams
Junhoe: Grades aren't everything
Bobby: I retook something 3 times, its no big deal
Junhoe: It's just a matter of time

Bobby: Ah right, it was the CSAT recently
Junhoe: Oh..right, it was recent, I really had no idea

Junhoe: What does "iKON in Chicago" mean?
Bobby: Wouldn't it mean that they want us to go to Chicago?
Junhoe: Right!
Bobby: Yeah that's right

Bobby: You're handsome, Junhoe! That's all I can read from the comments

Junhoe: Sometimes we just play the guitar, mindlessly. Should I play for you?
Bobby: Do it!!! We'll take song requests
Junhoe: It can't be our song

Junhoe: I have a song that I've been into recently--I'll sing Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" 
Bobby: Ah... yes

Junhoe while singing, "SING ALONG WITH ME!" 

Junhoe: I think that more than performing at our concert, singing closely like this with you all is nice. What do you think?
Bobby: They think it's good!
Junhoe: It was good!

Junhoe: I also pray while walking, it's good for my health and peace of mind 
Bobby: That's right!

Fan: Why is Junhoe speaking formally so awkwardly
Junhoe: I usually speak formally! 
Bobby: But not when you say JINHWANIE

Fan: Please come back to Manila
Bobby: We'll go back!
Junhoe: When's the last time we went to Manila
Bobby: I don't even remember..
Junhoe: I remember walking a lot in Manila too!

Fan: Bobby please rap for us
Bobby: I don't understand people that rap at karaoke. I never rap at karaoke. I HAVE to sing rock ballads!

Bobby: Ah..tattoo? I got this tattoo with my older brother. My dad designed/drew it. My dad was going to do it with us but he said it was too painful. It took 3 hours for me, I felt like I was dying, it's super big.

Junhoe: But the tattoo pain was tolerable right?
Bobby: I tolerated it but barely..I was bleeding a lot too so I felt dizzy after

Bobby: We've been doing concerts in Japan but I can't read songs in Japanese at all so it's SO hard for me. Do you know hiragana or katakana?
Junhoe: I know some
Bobby: Did you learn it purposely or just learned it naturally?
Junhoe: I learned it over time

Fan: Junhoe do you have plans on getting a tattoo?
Junhoe: I've heard that my face looks very strong so I'm scared that if I get tattoos too, it'll be ~too much~

Bobby: Honestly, when I first got my circular tattoo the fans were really worried
Junhoe: Why? I mean true.. tattoos.. 
Bobby: My mom hated it too..but she gave in and said "just get one"

Junhoe: That was good right? We're always like this
Bobby: I'm going to get water
Bobby hyung was too passionate he had to get water

Junhoe: Honestly the two of us play like this--more than just talking. Also for the international fans too, who don't understand Korean, it's nice just singing to them like this

Bobby: Please don't misunderstand us. It's 3 oclock. We havent had even a  SIP of alcohol

Fan: iKON world tour please
Bobby: Please..us too, please

Bobby: Let's only do this for 30 minutes, read a few more comments, do 2 more songs, do our ending greeting and end!

Bobby: We did a fanmeeting.. we composed stuff, you exercised
Junhoe: Recently, we've been living a very normal life. Besides making music, we've been living like all of you. We're also working hard for our album to come out soon.

Fan: Concert in Korea please
Junhoe: We want to do one too, we'll do one for sure after we release new music. It's nice doing it in your homeground

Fan: Please come to Singapore
Bobby: We would love to come
Junhoe: Singapore's nice

Fan: Junhoe marry me
Junhoe: That's impossible
Bobby: LOL

Junhoe: You've all been asking for mukbangs but the guitar was right here...and more than being SUPER prepared I wanted to have a more intimate private feeling of singing with you all

Fan: Please tell us about your necklace
Junhoe: The coordi styled it! I have no idea

Bobby: Jinhwan/Yunhyeong did the Halloween thing...If Donghyuk and Chanwoo work hard..
Junhoe: We just did whatever
Bobby: NO! We worked hard
Junhoe: Yeah we worked hard

Bobby: Thank you for watching, thanks for coming. We'll come and do individual lives. If you didn't watch this, there'll be a next time. Play a lot, see you later

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  1. my gawd Bobby can't even look him in the eyesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they're so cute I miss them😭😭😭


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