200212 Junhoe IG Update

- one day suddenly -
From the day i was born until now,
As time passes and flows away,
Even though my build and height are getting bigger,
Why am i feeling like getting smaller and smaller in this world?

For me, (even) your darkest shadow,
It would be just a cool shade in the burning sunlight.

When it is a beautiful sunny day, i miss the sky and you,
As i look at the clear sky and you, i suddenly came to a realization,
I knew that i wish for an eternal, not a momentary,
Perhaps all along, it wasn't that i missed you,
It was that I've always wanted to be with you.

- (from) me to the little me -

For the hope of a greater thing,
it is not to escape loneliness,
it is to feel the loneliness together.

A person who's not lonely may have an attractive personality,
but the works of a person who's not lonely are going to be unattractive.

- Trans by withyou131

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