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This site is about KPOP Music Group iKON. iKON write and produce songs by their self. Kim Hanbin as a Leader who keep producing good music for iKON from pre debut up to now. The one who also helping Hanbin to write songs is Bobby as a main Rapper. He wrotes his own lyrics and matched the lyrics with Hanbin's lyric. iKON Junhoe also writes some of lyrics to help Hanbin.

For choreography, iKON made their coreo also by theirself. From the beginning, iKON Hanbin also create a choreography and as time passed he let Donghyuk as main dancer to lead iKON in dance move. 

iKON Kim Jinhwan is an oldest in iKON, he is the one who always woried the most about members. He keep on eye to other members as if he is a mother of seven boys.

Jung Chanwoo and Song Yunhyeong are active to make a vlog. Chanwoo made his own vlog named Chanwoo Sari 잔오사리 while Yunhyeong made his own vlog recently with name song chelin 송재린.

Hello, this is the admin of iKON Updates. I created this site to appreciate iKON's hardwork, because their hardwork is sooo inspiring. Their musics are so amazing, their friendship is admiring. They are also funny as well. I try my best to spread their good music, their positive vibes, and others. I hope this small things can help iKON to get recognized by many people in the world. Because their musics are deserved to be recognized by this world.

We are not part of YG Entertainment or iKON Official it self. I created this account as an iKONIC because i love the seven dorks boys. The more you know them the more you love them.

We also creat Twitter account @iKONUpdates1 to make you easier to contact us. Please kindly give your comment on our post, that make our mood to keep udate higher. Thankyou for visiting our site. That's means alot for us. Welcome to iKON's World.

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this website. I visit this site everyday 5 times a day to be exact to see if you have new postings about iKON. Thanks for your hard work. ��

  2. This site is amazing! I really hope that more people need to know this site so that they can get to know iKON. Thanks so much for your hard work too.

  3. Love you and miss you so bad😭😭


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